A little yellow teeth are normal! Whitening paste may “kill” dental pulp cells

A little yellow teeth are normal! Whitening paste may “kill” dental pulp cells

What color do you think normal teeth should be?

A little yellow teeth are normal! Whitening paste may “kill” dental pulp cells

You may choose “shiny bright”, but the correct answer is yellowish.

Where does the yellow on the teeth come from? What are the consequences after “washing white”?

Buy whitening agents online to “wash” enamel

A study led by researchers at the University of Toronto hinted at the widespread damage that ordinary tooth whitening agents can cause.

A little yellow teeth are normal! Whitening paste may “kill” dental pulp cells

Using only 10% carbamide peroxide gel can reduce the protein content of enamel by as much as 50%. However, searching on the online shopping platform found that carbamide peroxide gels with concentrations as high as 35%, 22%, 15%, and 10% can be purchased online without any restrictions.

Teeth whitening paste is one of the products with peroxide as the main ingredient. It can indeed achieve the effect of whitening teeth in a short time, but improper use will bring certain damage.

1. The whitening effect can only last for a few months. Repeated use will easily cause tooth enamel demineralization and unnatural tooth whiteness.

3. Improper use of tooth whitening paste may damage the periodontal tissues and cause gum recession due to long-term stimulation.

Generally speaking, it is safe to use qualified tooth whitening pastes normally. Patients with oral inflammation, dentin sensitivity, cracked teeth, tooth wear, periodontal disease are not suitable for tooth whitening products, but these problems often require a dentist to judge, so it is not recommended to buy whitening products containing the above ingredients.

Peroxide whitening agent will also be used for cold light whitening. Under the operation of formal hospitals and processes, it will not damage gums and dental pulp, but the enamel will be slightly demineralized, resulting in tooth sensitivity and temporary pain, which can be repaired automatically after a period of time.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

The surface of normal teeth is composed of yellow dentin and white translucent enamel closely covering it. Therefore, the color of healthy teeth is light yellow.

A little yellow teeth are normal! Whitening paste may “kill” dental pulp cells

And unhealthy yellow, includes the following.


Because there are many kinds of bacteria on the surface of teeth, they secrete many viscous substances (dental plaque), resulting in yellowing of teeth.

Yellow teeth caused by dental calculus can be solved only by cleaning teeth.

Food dyeing

Tea stains, smoke stains in daily diet and some minerals in drinking water are adsorbed on these viscous substances, gradually turning teeth yellow or black.

Exogenous pigments can be removed by sand blasting or cold light whitening to whiten teeth.

Intrinsically discolor

Formed during tooth development, if tetracycline is deposited in the dentin, the teeth will turn yellow, brown or dark gray, which is called tetracycline teeth.

Endogenous coloring, cold light whitening, repair with or without resin, repair of porcelain veneer, etc. can be carried out according to the degree.

4 Cheating whitening folk prescription

The popular tooth whitening methods on the Internet are usually illustrated and justified, which makes people want to try. Are these methods really reliable?

A little yellow teeth are normal! Whitening paste may “kill” dental pulp cells

Gargle with vinegar

Enamel thinning

Online method: Acid can decompose pigments, so brushing your teeth after gargle with vinegar can make your teeth white.

Expert interpretation: The acetic acid in vinegar can dissolve the surface layer of teeth. After gargle and brush your teeth, tooth enamel will be destroyed. The price of short-term whitening is that tooth enamel becomes thinner and thinner, which is more likely to be “stained” by food in the future.

Rubbing teeth with lemon juice


Method online: after brushing your teeth every night, rub your teeth with a cotton pad or gauze dipped in lemon juice.

Expert interpretation: citric acid in lemon juice is an organic acid, which will corrode the tooth surface like acetic acid.

Similarly, after eating sour food such as plum and bayberry, rinse your mouth with water immediately, but you should not brush your teeth immediately.

Toothpaste is better than peanut paste  

Method online: chew the peanuts into a paste and use them as toothpaste. Doing it every day can make the teeth white.

Expert interpretation: this method may be to remove the pigment on the tooth surface by increasing friction. When it comes to friction agents, the most convenient thing is toothpaste.

Eating cheese after dinner. What if you get fat?

Method online: cheese contains minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Eating after dinner can promote the remineralization of enamel, make teeth strong, bright and white, and prevent tooth decay.

Expert interpretation: cheese and other dairy products are indeed rich in calcium, which is conducive to bone and tooth health, but it does not whiten teeth. And cheese has high calories, so it’s easy to get fat after eating a lot.

Finally, if you want to whiten your teeth, it is recommended to go to a dentist; If you don’t want to see a doctor, tell yourself that a slightly yellow tooth is actually healthier on the premise of brushing your teeth well.

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