10 small habits after a meal, two are really not recommended!

10 small habits after a meal, two are really not recommended!

Many people say: There are certain things you must not do after a meal. If you step on the taboo minefield, you have to say goodbye to longevity. Is that true?

Can’t take a walk after a meal?

What! “Walk a hundred steps after a meal and live to ninety-nine”, is that what you said?

Taking a walk after a meal will neither make the gastrointestinal blood supply insufficient nor induce functional dyspepsia.

If you are a friend with high blood sugar and want to lose weight, taking a walk after a meal can help you lower the blood sugar that has just risen after a meal. It is better than sitting down to study or sleep right away.


“Sleep when you are full, and eat when you sleep.” It sounds lazy and very second, but in fact it has nothing to do with gaining weight. As long as you are not full, you can take two more bites.

Moreover, being sleepy after a meal is a normal physiological phenomenon for many friends. It’s not because the blood has gone to the gastrointestinal tract and cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, but most of it is affected by blood sugar fluctuations and hormones.

10 small habits after a meal, two are really not recommended!

Can’t lie down after a meal?


Some people take a nap on their stomachs, but this is not good for the cervical spine and eyes, so naturally they have to choose to lie down and sleep.

Generally speaking, for patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease with more serious acid reflux, it is recommended not to lie supine within 2 hours after a meal. Other people have no big problems, so they can lie down as they want and feel comfortable.

Can drinking yogurt after meals help digestion?

I’m full, I really don’t recommend drinking anymore

What we often call digestion requires regular gastrointestinal motility and digestive enzymes.

However, yogurt itself cannot correct the irregular gastrointestinal movement of the body, nor does it have digestive enzymes, and it cannot really help digestion.

In addition, yogurt is considered a food with a strong sense of satiety, and most of the yogurts on the market are sugary. If you drink yogurt when you are full, you will eat more sugar and calories, which will make you fuller and more difficult to digest.

10 small habits after a meal, two are really not recommended!

Can’t take a shower after a meal?


If you are a friend with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, take a shower immediately after eating, and you may fall in the bathroom due to dizziness.

But for the vast majority of people, the possibility of being affected is unlikely.

Can’t brush your teeth after a meal?


There are rumors that brushing teeth after a meal will damage the enamel due to the acidity of the food and make the teeth soft and brittle. There is a certain reason, but it is not absolutely forbidden.

There are a lot of food residues in the mouth after eating. The benefits of brushing your teeth are beyond doubt.

Moreover, the fluorine element contained in toothpaste can also promote the firmness of teeth.

If it is inconvenient to brush your teeth or is too lazy to brush your teeth, then don’t brush it. Don’t talk bad about brushing your teeth, just rinse your mouth.

Brushing your teeth immediately after dinner also has a small benefit, that is, you don’t like to eat late-night snacks… after all, lazy.

Can’t drink tea after a meal?


What! “A cup of tea after a meal, refreshes and aids digestion”, is that what you said?

Theoretically, the composition of tea is to coagulate some proteins, which may affect absorption.

But in fact, it’s just not recommended to drink a lot of strong tea. It is generally impossible to dilute the gastric juice without drinking more than 2 liters of water. So, don’t mind too much about the saying that you can’t drink from half an hour to one hour after a meal.

10 small habits after a meal, two are really not recommended!

Can’t eat fruit after a meal?


Again, if you are already full, don’t take two more bites.

This is just because fruits also have calories and have a strong sense of fullness, not that eating fruits immediately will block all the food you eat in the stomach and indigestion.

10 small habits after a meal, two are really not recommended!

Can’t I loosen my pants belt after a meal?


If you say that without a trouser belt, your stomach will lose support and cause stomach ptosis. Then you have to ask: What about people who have never had a trouser belt?

The waistband is not strangling the stomach, and gastroptosis is just a state where the stomach is relatively low, and it will not cause stomach discomfort.

But then again, when you are almost full, loosen your belt quickly and you can eat two more bites.

How long can I exercise after a meal?

I really don’t recommend exercising right away

Exercising immediately after a meal does have an impact on breathing and gastrointestinal motility, making people feel uncomfortable.

But within half an hour after a meal, there is nothing wrong with doing light activities, such as wiping the table and sweeping the floor.

If you want to perform moderate-intensity exercises such as brisk walking and jogging, you need to wait until 1 hour after a meal. After 2 hours after a meal, you can rest assured that you can do various physical exercises.

But if you still feel uncomfortable during the exercise, we suggest you take it easy.

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