You Can Now Get Paid To Shop Online – And Get £1,500 Spending Money

You Can Now Get Paid To Shop Online – And Get £1,500 Spending Money

Ever felt like you haven’t quite found your true calling in life?! Well, now you can literally be paid to sit at home and shop.

No, we’re not kidding.

Venture funding firm Outfund is officially recruiting ‘Social Spenders’ – and, honestly, it sounds like our dream job.

All you have to do is scroll through social media and buy from ads that catch your eye, and they’ll give you a budget of £1,500 to spend.

You Can Now Get Paid To Shop Online – And Get £1,500 Spending Money
Time to buy everything on social media (Credit: Pexels)

The role is for an initial one month and successful candidates will be paid £70 a day to work remotely, plus up to £1,500 ‘spending money’ for all advert purchases they make, which they can also keep.

If you’re hired, you’ll be free to buy any product that takes your fancy based on adverts served to them on social media platforms.

But there is a bit of leg-work, and you will be required to track every ad you see by the type of ad, the platform it appears on, the date and time you saw it – whether you purchase or not.

Plus, you’ll also be asked to monitor how long you were on each platform before an ad appeared, and how many times you saw the ad before pressing ‘Buy’.

To prove the products actually came up via social ad, Social Spenders must document their purchases with videos and images, alongside their video report.

And to ensure you’re worth the ‘dolla, and all platforms are perused fairly, you have to pledge to spend at least 30 minutes on each a day.

*Cough cough… We do that anyway.*

You Can Now Get Paid To Shop Online – And Get £1,500 Spending Money
Keep those deliveries coming! (Credit: Shutterstock)

It might sound too good to be true, but there is some method in the firm’s generosity.

They are hiring because they want to keep track of which social media platforms best deliver ads to target audiences and ultimately bring in the sales.

They’re looking for members of the public of all ages (18+) to get involved so their info is representative, and will hire five people in total.

Founder and CEO of Outfund, Daniel Lipinski, said: “We’re looking for candidates on a one month freelance contract basis to help with our initial research, but depending how things go it might be something we end up looking into regularly to ensure we’re up to date with everything a startup business might need, regardless of the industry they’re in.

“We’re really excited to get started and encourage any serial shoppers and social media lovers to apply!”

If you want to apply (why wouldn’t you?!), you can do so here, and you have until the 17th August.