These Have Been Dubbed The 'Best Sleeping Positions Ever'

These Have Been Dubbed The 'Best Sleeping Positions Ever'

Getting a good night’s sleep is no exact science. We can buy all the memory foam and duck feather bedding we like, but still we can find ourselves waking up with crooked necks and sore bodies.

But have you ever considered it could be down to your sleeping posture?

Whether you’re a back sleeper, front sleeper or spend most of the night on your side, there are ways to help your alignment and improve your posture (thus leading to a good night’s sleep) by way of some tactically-placed pillows.

Move U, and online fitness program which is all about strengthening your body and healthy alignment, has posted a guide which features tips on the three most common sleeping positions.

If you sleep on your… back

First off, if you sleep on your back, you should use your flattest pillow for under your head to keep your body aligned. One or two thicker pillows should be placed under the knees. “This will take some pressure off of your lower back,” the host says. ⁣⁣

To finish, prop one pillow under each arm.

If you sleep on your… side

For side-sleepers, you should, again, place one pillow under your head, keeping your neck in alignment. Next, add a pillow between your knees. “Longer, thicker, pillows work well here,” they note. “Aim for one that reaches from thigh to ankle.”

These Have Been Dubbed The 'Best Sleeping Positions Ever'
Side sleepers should straddle a pillow (Credit: Unsplash)

Finally, wedge a third pillow in behind you “to help support your back and keep pressure off the bottom shoulder” and hug the fourth pillow.

If you sleep on your… front

If you sleep on your stomach, place one pillow under the side of your torso and lean into it and put your arm around it. “Place second one under half of your head, keeping spine neutral,” Move U says.

Finally, you should place the fourth pillow under the upper leg to support it and bend the top knee to relieve some pressure from the low back. ⁣⁣

These Have Been Dubbed The 'Best Sleeping Positions Ever'
Getting a good night's sleep is largely to do with your posture (Credit: Storyblocks)

The experts over at Move U also give some extra tips for all sleeping positions: “If you usually fall asleep with your head propped up to see your iPad or TV – stop that. It’s terrible for your sleep hygiene AND your neck. If you struggle with sleep unplug from all electronics WELL before bed.”

“Paying attention to your spouse while in bed is highly likely to result in increased satisfaction in your relationship and sex life. Turn down the thermostat, do some meditation, or spoon your partner and breathe synchronised together to calm down for sleep.”

After giving it a go, can confirm that the pillows under the knees technique for back sleepers works great (for half of the night at least!)

These Have Been Dubbed The 'Best Sleeping Positions Ever'
We'll be trying these tips tonight (Credit: Shutterstock)

You can watch the full video here.