Woman Claims Utan Tanning Water Helped Reduce Her Adult Acne

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She claimed she attempted whatever to clear up her skin – including varieties of skin care from cleansers for oily skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin to Sudocrem, face masks, and also different printer toners.

Vanessa stated: “Some of these assisted slightly as well as I was also on a contraceptive tablet to aid remove my skin yet after it impacted my mood so a lot, I quit taking it and was unwilling to try any various other pill for my skin or my PCOS.

“I recognize my skin will never be perfect due to old scarring and also my PCOS, but using this spray has without a question aided my skin tremendously and maintained my cystic acne at bay – and also for that, I’m for life thankful,” she added.

She said: “I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It didn’t aggravate it like a lot of products can and my acne and redness went noticeably down, giving me a much more even skin tone.

“The lavender extract also soothed it and I love using it before bed as it’s so calming.

“As a tanning product, I was blown away by the results on my acne. Not only is my skin tanned, but it’s actually clear too.”

Vanessa says the product is responsible for her acne reduction (Credit: Triangle News)

Marketing assistant Vanessa’s acne was a result of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), with painful spots covering her jawline, neck and even her back and chest.

She said she had tried desperately to disguise her spots with makeup since the age of 20 – but always found the lumps and bumps were visible through her foundation.

PCOS is a hormonal condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work, with symptoms including weight gain, irregular periods and acne.

“It’s been a rollercoaster,” Vanessa admitted.

“After my PCOS diagnosis in 2017, I researched a multitude of ways to control the condition through diet, skincare and general self-care.

“Symptoms can vary person to person, however, with me it includes insulin resistance causing weight gain and difficulty losing weight, mood changes including anxiety, a very irregular menstrual cycle, oily skin and cystic acne.”

Vanessa's acne used to knock her confidence (Credit: Triangle News)

Only finding the occasional blemish on her skin as a teenager, Vanessa’s adult acne battle was unexpected and stripped her of her confidence.

She said she tried everything to clear up her skin – including ranges of skincare from cleansers for oily skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin to Sudocrem, face masks, and different toners.

Vanessa said: “Some of these helped slightly and I was even on a contraceptive pill to help clear my skin but after it affected my mood so much, I stopped taking it and was reluctant to try any other pill for my skin or my PCOS.

“I have quite pale skin, so the redness is very noticeable.

“There were days that I just broke down in tears because my acne just made me feel dirty and uncomfortable in my own skin.”

But now she claims the fake tan has given her a newfound lease of confidence.

Vanessa is learning to love her skin (Credit: Triangle News)

“I know my skin will never be perfect due to old scarring and my PCOS, but using this spray has without a doubt helped my skin tremendously and kept my cystic acne at bay – and for that, I’m forever thankful,” she added.

“I had got used to having bad skin and had a general routine of hiding it under so much makeup.

“I didn’t really realise just how much my acne had knocked my confidence until now – I don’t even feel the need to wear makeup anymore.”

Vanessa isn’t the only person to gush over the product’s acne clearing abilities.

On the Utan website, multiple reviewers suggest that it has done its bit to help cure long term acne and reduced redness.

The CBD tanning product has become a cult buy (Credit: Utan)

One writes: “Whenever I run out and don’t have this I notice such a difference in my skin again. I can’t recommend this enough. Not only do my breakouts clear up but the redness and scarring as well!!”

While another claims: “I started using this tanning water at night after my moisturiser like Jamie said on her channel, and now I wake up with a lovely glow and everyone has been commenting on how good my skin looks! I don’t need to use foundation during the day now.”

There is still limited research into whether CBD oil has acne curing properties, but some people swear by it.

Medical News Today explains that the ingredient may work by “[acting] directly on the cells that make sebum, which can help balance oil production and reduce inflammation.”

Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and what works for one person to clear acne isn’t guaranteed to work for us all.

But why not try the product for yourself? Even if you don’t end up spot-free you’ll have a glowing tan!