Why are the mobile phone charging ports at the bottom? It turned out to be …

Why are the mobile phone charging ports at the bottom? It turned out to be …

When smartphones became popular, the charging ports are either on the top or on the side.

But why are they almost at the bottom now? Learn about these interesting knowledge about mobile phone charging

➤ less ash at the bottom
When the mobile phone is used for a period of time, dust will accumulate in the charging port. If the charging port is put on the top and used for a long time, there will be more dust, which will affect the use of the charging port.

Why are the mobile phone charging ports at the bottom? It turned out to be …

➤ It is more convenient to answer the phone while charging
If it is designed on the top or other places, you need to wind a lot of wires when answering the phone. It will save a lot of trouble on the bottom.
➤ Better protect data cable
If the charging port is on the top, it will easily fold to the data cable when pulling it down for charging, which increases the probability of data cable damage.
➤ Reasonable layout of circuit design
The common design of mobile phones usually contains components such as cameras and chips on the top, and batteries on the bottom. This not only saves space, but also makes full use of resources.

Does it have to be particular when putting the mobile phones in your pocket?

The suggestion from the professional is that:

The mobile phone should be put with the charging port upwards in the pocket.

There may be some lint deposits in the trouser pocket that have not been cleaned for a long time. If the charging port is placed down, these lint can easily enter the the charging port, which makes it difficult to clean the mobile phone, and even poor contact of the charging port occurs.
If there are metal debris in the trouser pocket, the charging port putting downwards may cause these metal debris to enter the inside of the phone. When charging the phone, it is likely to cause the phone to short circuit! Burn out the motherboard of the mobile phone and let the mobile phone be scrapped

How to charge to extend the life of the phone?

There are always several news about mobile phone explosions every year. Among them, 80% of them are related to bad charging habits. Let’s review the correct charging method for mobile phones.

Don’t wait to recharge when low battery

Why are the mobile phone charging ports at the bottom? It turned out to be …

The so-called “deep discharge”, that is, when the battery is almost used up, recharge it, which will greatly deplete the battery.

The charging sequence must be correct

When charging, be sure to plug in the charger first, and then plug it in the phone. When unplugging, you must first pull out the mobile phone plug, and then pull out the charger plug, so as to better protect the phone battery.

You must not play phones when charging

Its damage to the mobile phone battery is not large power consumption, but will generate a lot of heat. At this time, you will feel that the mobile phone is very hot. Such use will not only reduce the battery life, but also lead to battery explosion.

Try to use the original charger

 The original charger is designed according to the performance and model of the mobile phone itself, which can better protect the mobile phone battery. And the charging will be faster and better.

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