Sam Faiers Shares Her Go-To Hack To Beat Bloating

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The swelling can affect any kind of component of the digestion system, from the mouth to the back passage, yet most frequently occurs in the last section of the little intestinal tract or the huge intestine.

Dr Glancey discussed: “Research informs us that citrus fruits, especially those containing seeds might cause pain and irritability.

“A great deal of us take too lightly just how serious this illness is.

The inflammation can affect any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the back passage, but most commonly occurs in the last section of the small intestine or the large intestine.

Symptoms of Crohn’s include stomach aches and cramps, diarrhoea, fatigue and weight loss.

Talking about Sam’s remedy for bloating, Dr Lucy Glancey, Founder Dr Glancey Clinics, said: “There have been a number of reports to state that apple cider vinegar can help with bloating and discomfort as it’s rich in pectin and digestive enzymes.

“Alongside this green tea has also been said to help ease tummy bloat in general as it helps to neutralize gas in the digestive system caused by food intolerance.”

Sam shared her go-to remedy for bloating to her Instastories (Credit: Instagram / @SamanthaFaiers)

Dr Glancey added that honey can help to reduce inflammation, while lemon water is good for the digestive system.

She said: “Honey can help as an anti-inflammatory so again will also help reduce the feeling of bloating.

“Lemon water can also keep your digestive system going and reduce bloating. So, mixed together all the above all have added benefits of reducing bloating and being good for our digestive systems in general.”

However, Dr Glancey advised that while Sam’s concoction has a number of health benefits – including being packed full of vitamin C – it does also contain a lot of acidic ingredients.

This means that, while the recipe may work well for Sam, it isn’t necessarily suitable for everyone.

There have been a number of reports to state that apple cider vinegar can help with bloating and discomfort (Credit: Shutterstock)

Dr Glancey explained: “Research tells us that citrus fruits, particularly those containing seeds may cause pain and irritation.

“If this is something that Sam feels helps her then there’s nothing wrong with a natural home remedy and it may have been a case of trial and error of trying certain foods for a month and then ditching them from your diet.

“I wouldn’t be advising everyone who suffers from Crohn’s to give this a try as it could have the complete opposite effect on someone else.”

At the time when she was first diagnosed with Crohn’s, Sam shared that she “lost two and a half stone – I was weak, fatigued, couldn’t hold any food down, I had boils on my face, my body shut down on me.”

“A lot of us underestimate how serious this illness is. I have met families who have lost loved ones in serious cases and young girls who have had bowels removed. It’s heartbreaking. The more awareness we make the more we can help each other.”

Today, Sam manages her symptoms with a balanced anti-inflammatory diet but stresses that she “never counts calories”.

Dr Glancey advises that keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids is one of the best things for someone suffering from Crohn’s.

She said: “There has been some research to suggest that manuka honey can help Crohn’s sufferers as it’s seen as an anti-inflammatory whilst packed full of antioxidants.”

“Because honey is made is made of natural hydrogen peroxide as a constituent, this makes it an effective treatment option for wounds and other stomach ailments,” she added.