PSA: You Can Now Do Prosecco Pilates

PSA: You Can Now Do Prosecco Pilates

Fitness teacher Kelly Ravenscroft is the brains behind the new means of working out – one that we can absolutely obtain on board with!

Kelly claimed: “I included a glass of prosecco to our last course of the week as a way to kick back and relax.

And what far better way to loosen up after working out than with a glass of prosecco?

When lockdown was announced the Pilates instructor said she had to switch up her way of working and so began to offer online classes instead.

Kelly said: “I added a glass of prosecco to our last class of the week as a way to relax and unwind.

“We were all in our pyjamas as well, so it was meant to be a way of connecting virtually with each other – as if we were having a drink at the end of class.”

“I’m trying to bring a bit of normality to a very unreal situation,” Kelly added.

All you need to complete the workout, she says, is a mat, a glass of prosecco and a quiet space to work in. This can be inside your house or outside in the garden.

Exercises include the ‘superman’ technique, which involves extending one arm outwards and the opposite leg backwards, while balancing the glass in one hand.

PSA: You Can Now Do Prosecco Pilates
Combine your Pilates with a glass of prosecco (Credit: SWNS)

Then there’s the ‘side plank’ technique, the ‘thread the needle’ position or the ‘single leg extension’ routine – done by lying on your back and engaging your core muscles as you extend one leg at a time – all while still holding your glass of fizz and trying not to spill it.

The combination of doing Pilates while holding a glass of prosecco helps to improve flexibility, muscle strength and balance, says Kelly, while also toning your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks.

And Kelly’s as interested in relaxing as she is with the exercising part of the workout.

“Fitness Pilates is wonderful for this as they are getting a workout but the relaxation aspect of the class is great for mental health.”

PSA: You Can Now Do Prosecco Pilates
Kelly started her Prosecco Pilates to encourage her clients to relax at the end of the week (Credit: SWNS)

She added: “I’m teaching a group of 200 women Prosecco Pilates, they can join the live sessions or do them whenever they have time.”

And what better way to relax after exercising than with a glass of prosecco? You’ll have definitely earned it!