If you want to join a big company, you must not write your resume like this

If you want to join a big company, you must not write your resume like this

For many students, entering a big company is a dream thing. Of course, to enter a large company, you need a well-prepared resume. Resume varies from person to person, and I cannot give you a standard answer.

However, I can tell you that you must not make the following four mistakes when writing a resume.

1.Don’t be self-centered

First of all, it is the basic mentality when writing a resume.

When writing a resume, should it be self-centered and written from your own perspective, or should you write it from the perspective of the person reading the resume?

What is the difference between these two mentalities?

With self-centeredness, you will imagine yourself as a person who “stands in the middle of the stage and performs.” There are a group of audiences who are patiently watching your performance. They are the HRs of various companies. You think your performance on stage is very exciting and very contagious.

The HRs in the audience were deeply shocked by your performance, and there was thunderous applause. After the performance, the HRs got up one after another and invited you to join their company with smiles.

Everyone is happy. Unfortunately, this is not reality. The reality is that HR’s desk has a backlog of hundreds of resumes, and he has no time to appreciate your performance.

You can think of HR as a “conductor” at a train station. In front of the ticket window, there was a long and dense line. When you finally arrive, the conductor will only ask you one question: Where to go?

At this time, you tell the conductor that before you formally answer your question, I hope you will give me 5 minutes, let me talk to you first, where I come from, who I am going to meet, and this journey is for me. How meaningful!

The conductor will not answer you. Although these issues are important to you, the conductor does not care. He only cares about one question, which is where exactly are you going to buy the ticket.

Similarly, HR will only care about one question, that is, do you match this position?

An HR spends no more than one minute on a resume. If there are too many resumes, it will not even exceed 30 seconds.

Therefore, you have to think from the perspective of the other party, how to make the most of these 30 seconds and effectively display the key information that the other party really wants to know. Instead of “wasting” the other party’s time with “redundant actions” or “invalid information”.

What are “redundant actions”?

For example, if you put a resume of several hundred kilograms in a ZIP package, the other party has to download and decompress it after receiving it. Files that are not very large, don’t need to be compressed, just put them directly in the attachment.

For example, the resume is a word file, because the software version is different, the other party opens the format in a mess. This problem can be avoided by using PDF.

For example, only write two words in the subject of the email: apply.

An HR may be looking at the resumes of 5 positions at the same time. If you only write two words: apply for a job, he needs to open your resume to find out which position you are applying for.

You should at least write the position you are applying for in the title. It is best to write your name and simple information at the same time, such as a programmer with 5 years of python experience.

Classmates who have done well will also write in the text: my resume is in the attachment, but to save your time, I will list the main points in the text, please go through it. If you think about these details from the perspective of the other person, you can actually notice them.

What is “invalid information”? The resumes of many classmates, “thickness is beautiful”.

Self-introduction, photos, copies of ID cards, various awards, certificates, essays, a thick “book”.

HR has no time to watch. Write your resume as “a book”, usually because there are no highlights.

A good resume is not about what you “done”, but what you “done”.

For example: What are some outstanding works? What projects have you completed well?

“Done” is the responsibility, this is the content of the recruitment copy; “done” is the performance, this is the content of the resume. So, you have to think from the perspective of the other person, what exactly does HR really care about?

Delete “invalid information”, remove “redundant actions”, display key content efficiently, and make full use of his 30 seconds to look at your resume.

2.Don’t say “I’m here to learn”

Some students were very excited when they came up: “Please give me a chance, I don’t need to be paid, I just want to learn from you!” Don’t say that. why?

The company recruits people to help the company solve problems and create value. But you said, I came to your company to learn.

In the course of work, you will certainly improve, but this is just a side product. You have to create value for the company first. With the purpose of studying, you even say that I can not even ask for salary. It sounds humble. However, you have mistaken the company’s purpose for finding you.

If you come with a learning mentality, not a mentality of creating value for the company. In fact, you should not get a salary, but should pay tuition.

If a company hears that you don’t want a salary, it will ask you immediately, then you must consider it carefully.

If a regular company recruits people, it will definitely pay, even if it is a meager internship salary.

This is the normal exchange of value.

Therefore, “I’m here to learn, I am willing to come without money!” Don’t hold this mentality. Once you write this sentence on your resume, it basically amounts to nothing.

3. Don’t think of crying as competitiveness

Some students will say in the email:

I grew up in a very poor family. My parents worked hard to raise me. After studying hard for more than ten years, I finally moved from the countryside to the big city. So please give me a chance.

He wrote every moment that touched him, trying to touch you.

Regarding crying as a competitive advantage, it’s to blame for watching more talent shows. In the audition show, crying in exchange for the lighted bridge is for the audience rating.

But it’s useless to cry miserably to apply for a job.

What is the mentality behind crying? I have suffered so much, you should sympathize with me, you should help me, and you should give me a chance. Maybe the job seeker himself did not feel that he had this kind of mentality.

But writing this way, in fact, I still put all my thoughts on myself. All the sufferings you have experienced should actually become your abilities. Suffering is not wealth, but the ability gained through suffering is wealth. So, you have to show your ability, not suffering.

You want to show the dazzling side of the diamond, not the painful process of cutting and polishing the diamond. If you don’t show your ability, but only show your suffering, you will be moved by your own life throughout, and then eager to give you the opportunity to change your destiny.

That will only make HR feel that after so much hardship, your ability has not improved. After that, no matter how hard you have suffered, your ability may not be improved. HR was moved, and only sighed. Then, pull you into the blacklist.

4.Don’t give the other party strategic advice lightly

When some students submit their resumes, they will give some strategic suggestions to the other company: what problems your company has, you should do this.

After writing, I was full of joy, and even felt that the other person would be shocked in a cold sweat after reading it, and said: oh my God, we made such a serious strategic mistake actually! Such a powerful person is simply a contemporary Wolong, so he has to hire a high salary quickly!

If you want to join a big company, you must not write your resume like this

Investigating the business model of the other company, competing companies, recent years strategy, macro trends, etc., this is good. However, I advise you not to make your own strategic suggestions lightly. why?

Because no matter how strong your ability is, the information you hold outside the company and the information the other party holds inside the company must be completely asymmetrical.

You make judgments based on very superficial information. No matter how strong your judgment is, the conclusions you draw are likely to be extremely fallacies.

When the other party saw it, they would only think how ridiculous this person was. A company is a complex system. No matter how simple it is, it may be more complicated than you think.

Those who truly understand strategy dare not give pointers casually, because they know that behind every seemingly stupid decision, there are countless complex compromises and balances. So, talk more about your own abilities and talk less about suggestions to others.

It is hoped that only the information obtained from the outside world will be able to give sharp suggestions and let others inspire. This possibility is very small and almost never happens. This will only show your arrogance.

5.Don’t say “I have potential”

Some students will say in the email:

As long as you give me a chance, I will definitely create great value for the company in the future. I believe that after 10 years, you will not regret hiring me. This sentence can of course be used as a statement, you cannot say that he is right or wrong. However, this sentence is not important.

The important thing is, what about your evidence? Why do you say that you will create great value for the company?

HR will look for evidence in your resume. If you can’t find any evidence, you can only prove one point: the heart is higher than the sky. You have to think from the perspective of HR. He has to look at hundreds of resumes every day. You must not go around in circles. Just tell him directly, where is your value?

For example, if HR recruits JAVA programmers, he will quickly scan his resume and look for “keywords”: JAVA. If no “keywords” are found, the resume will be eliminated directly.

What are the core competencies you need to analyze the position, and what are the “keywords” corresponding to these competencies?

Then, let these “keywords” appear in your resume frequently.

Don’t just say “I am a potential person, give me a fulcrum, I can lift the earth”.

To show evidence. Use experience clearly to describe your abilities. I have so much potential, why can’t you find it? Such a mentality must be waived. If the potential has not been discovered in the past 25 years, you have to find the reasons for yourself.

If you want to join a big company, you must not write your resume like this

Final words

The most important way to write a resume is to think from the perspective of the other person. What does he really care about?

Don’t be self-centered.

Don’t apply for a job with a learning attitude.

Don’t think of crying as competitiveness.

Don’t give strategic advice to the other party lightly.

If you want to prove that you are a potential person, you have to show evidence. Use experience to describe your abilities. Delete “invalid information”, remove “redundant actions”, display key content, and make full use of the 30 seconds of HR watching your resume.

Well, here are some suggestions for you on how to write a resume. I wish you a smooth job search and find a satisfactory job as soon as possible.

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